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Calling SM Receipt
After a user sends a short message, the system sends a receipt to the user indicating the status of the short message, and includes related information in the receipt in addition to the basic content.
SM Personal Signature
When the calling party sends a short message, the system sends the message to the called party after appending a personalized signature to the end of the short message automatically.
SM Forwarding
Users can forward short messages sent originally to their phone to another phone in the same network, and receive the short messages using a third-party phone in cases of using a new phone number, phone failure, phone power outage and roaming overseas.
SM Filter
The system provides users with keyword and calling-number screening services to prevent them from being disturbed by spam or malicious short messages. Users can set desired phone numbers or SP codes to the blacklist. Messages from the numbers on the blacklist will be screened automatically. Users can also set keywords for receiving short messages. Short messages containing user-specified keywords will also be screened automatically.
SM Auto-Reply
When someone sends SMS to the called user who attends a meeting is in business or on holiday,the system will replay a signed SMS set in advance automatically.
SM Storage
Short message warehouse backs up short messages of a user to the system database synchronously. The user can query and manage the messages via web. This function has solved the problem that mobile phone terminals can only store a limited number of short messages, providing users with a long-term storeage space. Users can also select messages from the warehouse and send them to users in the same network.
SM Copy
The contents of SM Copy.
SMS Timer Business
Users set in advance or in a particular point in time to send holiday wishes to remind the class of SMS, SMS sent by the user to set the time to the destination user's business.
ASP user portal
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